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Oral Dissemination -Silvia Bordiga

MULTI2HYCAT Webinar Functional Organic-Inorganic Hybrids for Enhancing Catalytic Processes -18 June 2021

Spotlight on zeolites and MOFs as catalysts: similarities and differences; strengths and weakness”

2nd International School on Porous Materials: MOFschool2021

“Understanding MOFs by spectroscopy methods – Fundamentals and Selected Applications to UiO MOFs”

PARACAT Summer school – Saragoza Experimental and computational methods towards molecular structure and reactivity – 19-23 July 2021

IR, Raman and UV-Visible spectroscopies applied at microporous materials for selective adsorption  and heterogeneous catalysis. Zeolites and MOFs as case studies”

Virtual Stanford/SLAC SUNCAT Summer Institute – 16-19 August 2021

“Catalytic materials under investigation through the eye of a spectroscopist

First International Edition of the 21st Chinese Zeolite Conference (21CZC), Qingdao, China, 27th-30th September 2021 & NECZA 2021: the 25th (virtual) Meeting of the North-East Corridor Zeolite Association, Princeton, 3 December 2021

IR, Raman, UV-Visible and XAS spectroscopies used to give insight on Zeolites used as catalysts”

International Workshop on Synchrotron and Neutron Radiation, Rostov on-Don 6-7 December, 2021

In situ spectroscopies for determination of active sites in zeolites”

Sedute accademiche , Accademia dei Lincei, Rome, 10th December 2021

“Novel catalyst for sustainability

Giovedì Scienza, streaming direct, 10th February, 2022

Molecole sostenibili: come replicare artificialmente e in modo efficiente i processi naturali”

Il futuro ispirato alla natura: strategie, materiali, processi e orizzonte della transizione sostenibile , Regione Lombardia, Milan, 18th March 2022

“Novel catalyst for sustainability