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Scientific events

Federation of European Zeolite Associations (FEZA) – Edition 2021

The effect of chemical and redox environment on Cu proximity in Cu-mordenite

5-9 July 2021

Participant: Gabriele Deplano

SCI2021 -XXVI Congresso Nazionale della Società Chimica Italiana – La Chimica guida lo sviluppo sostenibile

Cu+ bi-pyridine based homoleptic complexes as catalysts for partial oxidation reactions: a Raman study

14-23 September 2021

Participant: Alessandro Damin

Paracat Workshop – Chemistry at the surface

Titration of accessible Cu(I) sites in Cu-exchanged ZSM-5 by volumetric CO adsorption

25-27 November 2021

Participant: Gabriele Deplano

Winter School “Catalysis at the Energy-Chemistry Nexus”

CO adsorption volumetry for accessible Cu(I) sites quantification in Cu-ZSM-5″

Spectroscopic insights on copper based Zr-MOFs under development for light hydrocarbons oxydation

14-18 March 2022

Participants: Gabriele Deplano & Valeria Finelli

International CataLysis Networking Conference 2022

“Copper speciation in Cu-exchanged Zeolites”

3-5 May 2022

Participant: Silvia Bordiga

GRCConference – Metallocofactors

“X-ray Emission Spectroscopy and NMR to Uncover the Coordination Environment of Flexible Cu(I) Models

6-10 June 2022

Participant: Sergio A. V. Jannuzzi

ISHHC19 – 19th International Symposium on Relations between Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Catalysis

“C-H activation session”

27-30 June 2022

Participants: Unni Olsbye, Silvia Bordiga, Gabriele Deplano, Ivan Ayuso-Fernandez, Kelsi Hall, Chris Joseph, Isabelle Gerz, Sergio Jannuzzi, Erlend Aunan, Valeria Finelli & Barbara Centrella

IZC – 20th International Zeolite Conference

“Copper speciation in Cu-zeolites through the eye of a spectroscopist”

Operando spectroscopy to study NH3-induced Cu mobility in Cu-zeolites for the direct conversion of CH4 to CH3OH

3-8 July 2022

Participants: Silvia Bordiga & Gabriele Deplano

10th Edition of OxiZymes

“Structure, function and application of LPMOs – unique monocopper peroxygenases for biomass processing and beyond​”

5-8 July 2022

Participant: Vincent Eijsink

ICCC 2022 -44th International Conference on Coordination Chemistry

“Cu+ bi-pyridine based homoleptic complexes for hydrocarbons oxygenation reactions”

28 August – 2 September 2022

Participant: Alessandro Damin

MOF2022 -8th International Conference on Metal-Organic Frameworks and Open Framework Compounds

“Challenges in the development of bioinspired copper-incorporated Zr-MOFs toward catalysis​”

Ce-UiO-67 containing metal-chelating linkers: optimizing the synthesis towards catalytic applications

4-7 September 2022

Participants: Erlend Aunan & Valeria Finelli

9th World Congress on Oxidation Catalysis Oxidation for a Sustainable Future and Clean Environment

“Selective partial oxidation of methane – status and outlook”

4-8 September 2022

Participant: Unni Olsbye

Copper 2022 Sorrento – Bridging clinical and fundamental science

“Structure and function of LPMOs –monocopper peroxygenases for biomass processing and beyond​”

18-22 September 2022

Participant: Vincent Eijsink

3rd LPMO Symposium

“Advanced spectroscopic studies of copper-containing metalloproteins: Recent application to pMMOs and LPMOs”

“Hole-hopping routes in Serratia marcescens AA10A (CBP21) ​”

Elucidating the impact of second sphere residues on copper-site reactivity in LPMOs

The effect of pH on reductant fuelled LPMO reactions 

9-11 November 2022

Participants: Serena DeBeer, Ivan Ayuso-Fernandez, Kelsi Hall & Ole Golten

NIS Colloquium 2022

“Activity of Cu(I)-bipyridine homogenous complexes in hydrocarbons oxygenation reactions: a Raman study”

18 November 2022

Participant: Alessandro Damin

Invited seminar at PSI

“New Pathways for Methanol Synthesis and Use”

2 December 2022

Participant: Silvia Bordiga

Avogadro Colloquia – Rome

“New Pathways for Methanol Synthesis and Use”

6 February 2023

Participant: Silvia Bordiga

Operando VII – 7th International Congress on Operando Spectroscopy

“Cu-MOFs as oxygenation catalysts: an operando XAS study”

“Cu(I) quantification and its interaction with CO in Cu-zeolites employing XAS and IR spectroscopy”

7-11 May 2023

Participants: Matteo Signorile & Gabriele Deplano

XXIII National Catalysis Congress GIC 2023

“Cu-MOFs as potential oxygenation catalysts: redox performances from a XAS study”

“LPMO immobilization on Carbon Nanotubes: a first investigationtoward higher stability and catalytic activity

14-16 June 2023

Participants: Matteo Signorile & Carlotta Pontremoli

3rd International School on Porous Materials: MOFschool2023

“Monitoring Cu-MOFs redox properties through in situ XAS analysis: a qualitative and quantitative approach”

19-23 June 2023

Participant: Beatrice Garetto

EuropaCat 2023

“In situ/operando spectroscopic study of UiO-66-his-Cu for light hydrocarbons partial oxidation reactions”

27 August -1 September 2023

Participants: Valeria Finelli, Gabriele Deplano & Silvia Bordiga

SISL Annual Conference 2023

“Understanding C-H activation in light alkanes over Cu-MOR zeolites by coupling advanced spectroscopy and temperature-programmed reduction experiments”

“Qualitative and quantitative assesment of Cu-MOFs redox properties through in situ XAS analysis”

30 August -1 September 2023

Participant: Beatrice Garetto

“Understanding local structure and reactivity of copper-based catalysts for the valorization of light alkanes: from Cu-zeolites to Cu-MOFs”

5-8 September 2023

Participant: Elisa Borfecchia