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Public Engagement events

European Sharper Nights – Editions 2020/2021

Turin – Italy

An event that aims to involve all citizens in the discovery of the research profession and the role that researchers play in building the future of society through the survey of the world based on facts, observations and the ability to adapt and interpret increasingly complex and evolving social and cultural contexts.

Participants: Centrella B. and Porcaro N.G

Giovedì Scienza

Online streaming – 10 February 2022

MOLECOLE SOSTENIBILI – Come replicare artificialmente e in modo efficiente i processi naturali.

Participant: Silvia Bordiga

ApertaMente Chimica

Department of Chemistry, Turin – Italy 14th May 2022

Theatrical performance: “A spasso con qualche molecola per la sostenibilità“.

Participant: Silvia Bordiga

Immaginare l’inimmaginabile

CineTeatro Baretti,Turin – Italy 27th May 2022

Theatrical performance: “Il mondo che verrà: Molecole, umani e altre storie”.

Participant: Silvia Bordiga